Young White Aryan Females contact me if you want to go on a date & join me.
I am a full blown sex addict.
You must be a kind, loving, caring, white female, tattoo free, piercing free, white, virgin, drug free, alcohol free, anti shopping, anti bullshit, pro cooking, pro cleaning, pro my servant, & anti domesticated animals.
One cat is ok.

I will teach you how to fish, hunt, work out, edit videos, art, music, guitar, drums, gardening, street smarts, and more.

1.  I support the earth.
2.  The air, animals, trees, water, fruits, & vegetables have rights.  
3.  I think it is ok to breast feed children until age 12.
4.  Our Health & Wellness is number one.  Step 1.  We have to get back to the basics.  
5.  Nothing Can Stop You.  Never Give Up.  Don't listen to anyones opinions.  
Even the wealthy trusted another wealthy jew Bernie Madoff, & Enron.  They gave opinions to each other & look at what happened.
No matter who you are, opinions from others mean NOTHING! 
6.  Gardening is the best.  Gardening nude is great. 
7.  Off the grid & alternative is the best. 
I was in the news, even though I never asked to be, on this occassion here. 
Don't judge.  At least you know we exist & are someone real now, someone out there, that does really exist, in the USA, & that was one good 
aspect to come from this. 
There are no dirty tricks here.  

I disagree with their methods, groups, and their jewish doctrine, dead people society.  Dead people judge, gossip, are lost causes, & are not right with themselves.  Dead people continue to do the same things, with same exact results, and are afraid to change, because they conform.  Dead people are conformists.  I disagree with their "coded jibes," their "snided bimbo jibes," and their "$ machine."  It does not work for me.  If you rebel & disagree, for real, then join me!  You could be right for me, for this!  
You want to be here, because you love me, and are my best friends, and soul mates, if you believe, that we are all one. 
Some people that have been around, are street smart, and involved in other shady & corrupt elements, within this jewish influenced 
society, in doctrines, will keep you in the dark, which is basically the same as lying.  This causes fear. 
They are trying to get power over you, and control you, because they are mental. 
There is no fear or dirty tricks here.  
I am the white aryan man with the white aryan penis.  You need me.  
But that's nature, and the natural laws.  
Girls come and go.  I don't need you, as much as you need me.  The older I get, the girls, just keep getting younger, because 
the old joke, about high school girls, is the same, always.  I keep getting older, as the white aryan male, but my high school girls, 
always stay the same age.  
This is the natural order.  
White aryan females.  Commit to me.  Cook, clean, garden, chores, & do the things.
Join me, if you want to be here. 
I own this.  Do not join me, just to play games, or tricks.  They will not be tolerated. 
If your aim is 100% true, and you want to be here with me 100%, then join me. 
We are a mirror. 

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Call Jim at the number on the website, hit the contact button on the top of deadmomentum.com to get in touch with Jim, about any of the other sites that link off of deadmomentum.com. 
Jim controls all of them, but does not check all the sites, often. 
Jim only checks deadmomentum.com often. 
Call, email, po box hand letter write Jim, off deadmomentum.com to get in touch for all your needs, today, and right now. 

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